Saltwater Crocodile

Pui Pui


Pui Pui

Scientific Name: Crocodylus porosus

Saltwater crocodile is one of the largest reptiles in the world. A mature male can reach 6 to 7 metres in length whereas female can reach 2.5 to 3 metres. Young saltwater crocodile feeds on insects, amphibians, small reptiles and fishes. Adults feed on large animals like buffalo. Pui Pui is a female crocodile, in our husbandry, she mainly feeds on fresh fish and chicken. Like its relatives in the wild, she loves to enjoy sunshine on a fine day.

Wild saltwater crocodile is widely distributed throughout Asian Pacific from coastal India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia to Northwest Australia and Papua New Guinea. They are adapted to water with high salinity and mainly live in coastal and estuarine areas, just like Shan Pui River where Pui Pui was found, hence another name as Estuarine Crocodile.

The appearance of Pui Pui in 2003 brought us a lot of surprises.The media and the public rushed to Shan Pui River, Yuen Long, with a hope to see a real live crocodile in the wild. The daily news of the crocodile became the hottest topic as the little crocodile became a star in Hong Kong.

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