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Points to Note
  1. To ensure a pleasant journey, before your trip:
    • Check out the weather forecast on the Hong Kong Observatory website. During hot summers, wear light coloured clothing and hat, use umbrella, apply sun block, drink plenty of water, take a rest when needed to prevent heat exhaustion.
    • Check out information on tidal level on the Hong Kong Observatory website. The area is best explored for waterbirds on a rising tide (Tsim Bei Tsui tidal height at 1.5 to 2.3 meters, high tide is one or two hours after Victoria Harbour).
  2. To avoid bitten by mosquitoes and insects, when visiting outdoor areas, please:
    • Wear light-coloured long-sleeved clothing and trousers ;
    • Wear shoes that cover entire foot, avoid wearing sandal or open shoes;
    • Avoid direct contact with wild animals and their droppings;
    • Apply insect repellent on body as well as clothing;
    • Avoid using fragrant cosmetics or skin care products;
    • Stay on footpaths and avoid walking through vegetation. Do not brush along the vegetation at the sides of footpaths;
    • Avoid resting on vegetation, or at humid and dark places; and
    • Do not hang clothing on vegetation.
  3. Protect our natural environment, please:
    • Keep quiet, do not shout or run in the Park;
    • Keep the air clean and do not smoke;
    • Do not picnic in the Park or leave any food in outdoor areas;
    • Use durable and reusable materials, e.g. reusable water bottles, handkerchiefs, etc.;
    • No littering. Put litter into litter bins or take it with you;
    • Take care of children, do not climb over fences;
    • Help to protect the exhibits and do not damage them;
    • Do not pick or damage plants, do not disturb or catch animals
    • Do not touch wild birds, their feathers or droppings. Wash hands after the visit; and
    • Do not bring animals, bicycle, scooter, skateboard and roller/rollerblades into the Park, except guide dogs accompanying visually-impaired visitors.
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