Application Enquiry (Location Filming)
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* 為必須填寫
團體名稱 Name of organisation*
申請人姓名 Name of applicant
中文 Chinese*
稱謂 Title*
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申請人職位 Position of Applicant *
電話號碼 Telephone No.*
傳真號碼 Fax No.
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聯絡人資料 Contact person information
聯絡人姓名 Name of contact person
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聯絡人職位 Position of contact person
電話號碼 Telephone No.
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拍攝日期 Filming date*
拍攝開始時間 Filming start time 見附註A See Note A*
拍攝結束時間 Filming end time :*
參加者人數 No. of participants

年齡範圍 Age range*
使用車輛 Vehicles to be used*
(請列出車輛類別及車牌號碼) (Please specify vehicle class and registration No.):
拍攝目的 Purpose of filming*
填寫下面的輸入欄 *
導演及演員名單 List of director, actors and actresses*
設備清單 List of equipment*
檔案格式 / File format: PDF 大少不多於 / Size up to: 5 MB
簡述路線、場景及活動等 Brief description of route, scenes and activities etc.
(請提供拍攝的劇本/大綱) (Full scripts / storyboard of the scenes being shot should be attached for reference)*
圖像格式/ Image type :JPEG

大少不多於/ Size up to: 5 MB

檔案格式 / File format: PDF

大少不多於 / Size up to: 10 MB


If filming is for the purpose of, or incidental to, any business, the following fees should be paid:

拍攝電視節目 For TV filming*
播出日子 Date of broadcast
播出時間 Time of broadcast
廣播頻道 Broadcast channel
聲明 Undertaking

如果拍攝申請獲得批准,本人 / 公司同意嚴格遵守場地的一般條款及細則,以及列於拍攝申請指引內的細則。

If approval is given to this filming application, I agree to strictly abide by the general house rules and conditions on filming as detailed in the attached guidelines.

上載證明文件 Upload certification / licence document(s)

接受檔案格式 / Accept file format: PDF

(大少不多於 / Size up to: 5.0 MB)

申請人簽名 / 公司蓋印 Signature of applicant / Company chop*

個人資料(私隱)收集聲明 Personal data collection statement:

1. 閣下於表格內所提供之個人資料只作處理申請之用。 The personal data provided will be used for the purpose of the application only.

2. 根據個人資料 (私隱)條例第 18, 22 及附表一的第六原則,閣下有權要求查問及更正表格內所提供的個人資料。 You have the right to request access to and the correction of personal data in this form in accordance with Sections 18 and 22 Principle 6 of Schedule 1 to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.


(A) 拍攝時間由上午十時至下午五時,並不可在星期六、日及公眾假期進行。

Filming has to be conducted within 10 am to 5 pm. Approval will not be granted to film on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

(B) 請附上拍攝地點的詳細位置圖。

Location map of the appropriate scale should be attached.

(C) 請勿在現階段寄交現金或支票,以繳付許可證 / 行政費用。

Do not send cash or cheque to pay for permit / filming fee at this stage.

查詢電話 Telephone enquiry3152 2666

傳真 Fax: 2617 1158

電郵 Email: info@wetlandpark.gov.hk

網址 Websitewww.wetlandpark.gov.hk


Guidelines on Location Filming in the Hong Kong Wetland Park (HKWP)

A. 申請程序 (申請須以書面形式或填妥的申請表格遞交)

Application Procedure (Please apply in writing or use the application form)

1. 所有申請須在擬進行拍攝當日最少三個工作天前送達漁農自然護理署。由於處理需時,未予足夠辦理時間者均不會獲接納。如以郵遞提交申請,請確保投寄郵件時支付足夠郵資。若郵件郵資不足,而郵件有註明回郵地址, 香港郵政會把郵件退回投寄人。若郵件郵資不足,但沒有註明回郵地址,郵件會被香港郵政予以銷毀。

All applications should reach the HKWP at least 3 working days in advance of the proposed filming date. Applications with short notice will be turned down as they leave inadequate time to be processed. For applications submitted by post, please ensure your mail items bear sufficient postage before posting. Underpaid items with return address will be returned to the senders by the Hongkong Post. Items with no return address will be disposed of by the Hongkong Post

2. 申請時須清楚列明確實拍攝地點,夾附相關的地圖以供參考。

Clear information regarding the exact location of the filming site should be clearly provided. Relevant maps should be attached for reference.

3. 須清楚列出拍攝場面及所涉活動性質的資料。

Information regarding the scenes to be taken and the nature of activities involved should be clearly stated.

4. 拍攝時間由上午十時至下午五時。在星期六、日或公眾假期進行拍攝活動的申請不會獲得批准。

Filming has to be conducted within 10 am to 5 pm. Approval will NOT be granted to film on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

5. 如屬商業性質,需繳付以下費用:

If filming is for the purpose of, or incidental to, any business, the following fees should be paid:

a. 在領取許可證時須繳付根據郊野公園及特別地區規例收取的許可證費用,目前為每天HK$250,該項收費可在未預先通知的情況下作出調整。

A Permit fee stipulated in the Country Parks and Special Areas Regulations should be paid when collecting the Permit. The current rate is HK$250 per day. It is subject to change without further notice.

b. 為收回政府所提供的行政支援和監督拍攝過程的成本,每項申請須繳付行政費HK$7,000 (首4 小時),其後每 4小時HK$1,770,申請者或須繳付相等於所需收費總額的可退回保證金。

To recover Government’s administrative and supervisory overheads, each application will be charged: HK$7,000 for the first 4‐hour block and HK$1,770 for each subsequent 4‐hour block. A refundable deposit equals to the fees payable may be charged.

6. 當局可要求申請者以香港特別行政區政府及申請公司聯名名義,自費購買公眾責任保險,保險的條款及條件須經由部門批准。

The applying company may be required to effect a public liability insurance at its own expense in the joint names of the Government of the HKSAR and the company, with terms and conditions to be approved by the Department.

7. 要求修改或更改許可證的任何資料,均會被視作新的申請,一經批准,將按通常許可證收費率收取費用。

Request for any alteration or variation on the Permit will be regarded as a new application and the usual permit fee will be collected when approval is given.

8. 許可證費用及行政費用一概不予退還。

Request for refund of Permit fee or filming fee will NOT be accepted.

9. 所有車輛一律不准進入香港濕地公園之訪客中心及濕地保護區內,跟拍攝有關之車輛應停泊於香港濕地公園停車場及需要繳付有關收費。

Vehicles shall not be allowed to enter the Visitor Centre and the Reserve Area. All vehicles involved in the film‐shooting application should be parked at HKWP car park and the parking fees should be paid.

10. 未能就上述各項提供充足資料者,其申請可能會因而受延誤。

Failure in providing necessary information may lead to delay in processing the application.

B. 原則上不准拍攝的地點

Areas where approval for location filming will NOT be granted in principle

(i) 非遊覽範圍 (漫遊徑/浮橋之外),包括泥灘、淡水沼澤和紅樹林

Non‐visitation area (outside the wooden boardwalks/paths) including mudflat, freshwater marsh and mangroves

(ii) 職員專用範圍,包括辦公室、機房和儲物室

Any areas regarded as “Staff only” including office, plant rooms and store rooms

(iii) 指定使用者專用範圍,包括資源中心、餐廳和禮品店

Areas scheduled for use by others e.g. Resource Centre, café and shop

(iv) 所有洗手間、育嬰室和急救室

All toilets, mother’s room and first‐aid room

C. 嚴禁拍攝以下場面

Filming of the following scenes are strictly PROHIBITED

(i) 生火或使用煙花、炸藥或任何製造煙火的物料

Lighting of fire or the use of fireworks, explosives and any pyrotechnic material

(ii) 車輛包括電單車及單車的追逐或聚集

Vehicle chasing/rallying, including motorcycle and bicycle

(iii) 在沼澤或任何水域捕魚

Fishing in marshes or any water body

(iv) 在沼澤或任何水域沐浴、洗濯、游泳及划船

Bathing, washing, swimming and boating in marshes or any water body

(v) 涉及演員以鋼線懸吊,自樹上躍下,及引致任何樹木或竹受損毀、摧滅或砍伐的特技動作

Stunt acts involving actors jumping from trees with wire hanging to trees, and damaging or killing or felling of any tree or bamboo

(vi) 何受郊野公園及特別地區規例管制的其他行為(除非已獲明確許可)例如:帶同牛、馬、羊、豬或家禽進入

Any other acts governed by Country Parks & Special Areas Regulations, unless specific permission has been granted, e.g. bringing in cattle, horse, sheep, goats, pigs or poultry

(vii) 由 2007 年1 月1 日起,香港濕地公園根據吸煙(公眾衛生) 條例已被列為法定禁煙區。香港濕地公園之所有範圍均嚴禁吸煙。如拍攝中須進行吸煙,必須預先得到場地管理人(即漁農自然護理署) 批准,而有關的吸煙行為並非煙草廣告。

With effect from 1 January 2007, HKWP is a “statutory no smoking area” under the Smoking (Public Health) Ordinance. Smoking is prohibited in the entire area of HKWP. If smoking is required in the film making, permission from the venue manager (i.e. AFCD) must be sought in advance and the smoking act is not a tobacco advertisement

D. 備註 Notes

1. 拍攝場地不能祇供拍攝隊伍專用。拍攝隊伍應少於20 人及避免對其他公園的訪客造成滋擾。

No exclusive use will be arranged for the film shooting. The film crew should be less than 20 persons and should avoid disturbance to other visitors in the Park.

2. 公園範圍內不准豎設道具或構築物。

Erecting props or structures within HKWP will NOT be permitted.

3. 拍攝車輛及單車不准進入訪客中心或濕地保護區內(只可停泊在停車場並繳付泊車費)。

Filming crew vehicles and bicycles will NOT be allowed to enter the Visitor Centre or the Reserve Area (only allowed in car park and pay the parking fee).

4. 拍攝隊伍的任何人士如須於公園開放時間內進入公園的收費範圍均須購買適當的門票。詳情請瀏覽網頁 https://www.wetlandpark.gov.hk/tc/information/index

Any persons of the crew entering the fee‐paying area of HKWP during opening hours will need to purchase the necessary admission tickets. Please visit https://www.wetlandpark.gov.hk/en/information/index.

5. 如果拍攝對生態或遊客造成滋擾,公園的職員可能要求終止拍攝。香港特別行政區政府不會為任何有關之損失負責。

Should the filming is deemed to cause disturbance to wildlife or visitors of the Park, staff of HKWP may request for suspension of filming at any time. The HKSAR Government will not be liable for any loss which may be caused therein.