Family Workshop – Bird Watching

Family Workshop - Bird Watching" offers opportunities for families to learn more about bird watching. Under the guidance of the ecology instructors, parents and children can learn the basic knowledge of birds, walk into the Wetland Reserve to look for birds, and experience the joy of bird watching in the Park.

Details of Activity:

Target Participants:This activity is suitable for children (aged between 5 to 9) accompanied by parent(s) or guardian(s). Applicants shall enroll as a group of 2-4 persons.
Date:15/12/2018 (Saturday) /
16/12/2018(Sunday) /
27/1/2019 (Sunday)
*Time:10:00-12:30 or 14:00-16:30
Venue:Multi-function Room 1 and Wetland Reserve, Hong Kong Wetland Park
*Note:Each session has the same content. Participants may choose one session to attend


Details of Application:

Date of ActivityApplication periodApplication
15 & 16/12/201816/11/2018 (10 a.m.) to 23/11/2018 (12 noon)Closed for enrollment
27/1/201928/12/2018 (10 a.m.) to 4/1/2019 (12 noon)Closed for enrollment

Enquiry Hotline:

Please contact the Special Duties Section of HKWP at 2445 0122 for more details.

Family Workshop - Bird Watching



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